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USED COPY IN GOOD TO VERY GOOD CONDITION The Complete Idiot's Guide(r) Astrology Dictionary gives readers over 1,500 entries on everything about astrology from A to Z, including everything they need to know to read their chart and make interpretations.

•Organized in two sections for quick and easy reference, providing readers with the meaning of the term or topic, then interpretations that can be applied for readers to learn more about themselves or others

416 Pages.  More like an encyclopaedia than a dictionary.  Lots of examples to learn from.
Published by Alpha, a division of Penguin, 2010

Below is a blog entry from Metaphysical Meandersing by JohnnieTwoBrow

Entry for J

J is for Juno

Hello and welcome to my "J" post, where I introduce the goddess Juno! 

Juno was an incredibly important goddess in the Roman pantheon.  The wife of all-powerful Jupiter, she demanded to be treated as an equal.  As such, she is known as the "Queen of the Universe." 

The month of June is named for her.  She is the goddess of marriage and childbirth.  Since ancient times, June was always thought of as the best month to get hitched because of Juno's influence, around the time of the "honeyed moon."  Even today, June is a huge month for matrimony. 

Roman women used to celebrate Matronalia on March 1 to honor Juno and ask for protection for their families and their husbands.  Juno is a fiercely independent mother-goddess who readily comes to the defense of those in need, especially women, children, and families.

An asteroid discovered in 1804 by German astronomer Karl Harding was named for Juno, which you may know.  But what you may not be aware of is Juno's astrological influence.   The astrological symbol for Juno is above, to the left of the statue.

Many of you may be thinking,  "Wait...what?  Asteroids can have an astrological influence?"  The answer is a resounding YES.  Five asteroids are often used by astrologers, especially in birth charts, to illuminate activity within the different houses: Ceres, Pallas Athene, Vesta, Chiron and Juno.

According to The Complete Idiot's Guide Astrology Dictionary -- which, in my humble opinion, should be on every astrologer's bookshelf! -- Juno relates to not only marriage and childbirth, but partnerships as a whole.  As such, she resonates with two astrological signs -- Libra (marriage and partnerships) and Scorpio (sex for procreation and joint endeavors).  Juno's sign and house in your chart will help you understand where you're likely to find someone "with whom you may have a long-term, committed relationship."  She also can give you hints on how to make happier relationships.

The Dictionary gives a fantastic explanation of the difference between Venus, who you normally think of with partnerships, and Juno, that I'll include here: "She [Juno] is similar to Venus in effect, except that Venus rules who excites and attracts you about your partner, and Juno is about getting along on a day-to-day basis." So while Venus will show you who turns you on, Juno will help you find and retain a partner over the long-haul.


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Much, much more than a dictionary!

I was given this book as a gift and have found it to be a phenomenal and interesting read as well as resource. I have learned so much even though I thought I knew a lot already. I am thinking it makes a great gift because anyone can benefit from it - it doesn't matter whether you are new or old to astrology. The book teaches you things as you look up points of interest. You can open it up anywhere and just start reading. I can't believe how quickly time goes by every time I pick up this book. You can really get lost in it ... in a good way! It's a must if you love astrology and are interested in spiritual pursuits. AstroCurious

This Book is for You!

If you are at all curious about Astrology, this book is for you. If you are a student of Astrology, this book is for you. If you get readings done and wish you understood what the heck your astrologer was talking about, this book is for you. For most people, learning how complex Astrology is can be quite a surprise, and somewhat daunting. This Astrology Dictionary has a huge amount of information in it, but they have written it so that it is very easy to read, and all the information is incredibly accessible. Because it is truly a "dictionary", everything is alphabetical so even if you are like me and can get distracted easily by all the really interesting bits of information, you can't get too lost. Plus, they have taken the extra step to use simple icons at the end of each definition, so you can instantly see what areas of astrology that particular explanation relates to, such as signs, planets, birth charts, compatibility, etc. I never would have thought of doing that, but it's very cool and really helps! The first thing you're going to do is read the definition of everything you know about on your own chart. Then you'll read about everything that is on your significant other's chart, and your kids charts, etc. The great thing is that even if looking up lots of different things, it's all easily found and understood. You may as well just get all the different color highlighters out now because you'll use them - one color for you, one color for each kid, etc. If you're like me, this is the book that, in a short period of time, will be full of highlighter colors, dog-eared pages, and notes in the margin. I also find myself grabbing this book every time I am reading any other astrology book. If I need more information about something, or get confused reading some of my other books, this is the one I grab to quickly give me the information I need. It is the best reference book! Remember, back in the day, when we all had a Funk and Wagnall dictionary on our bookshelves? That doesn't happen much anymore, but this Astrology Dictionary definitely needs a spot on your bookshelf. I guarantee, it is the one you will keep reaching for time after time! SnackGirl23

Excellent Resource

As an astrological resource the Astrology Dictionary is extremely useful and interesting to use. Enjoyed the format, making it possible find terms and information. If you have a chart this book is essential to interpret information on an ongoing basis. Sharon Rosenfield

Great way to learn Astrology!

Entertaining and very informative, a great way to learn about astrology and apply it your daily life. Makes it very easy to read and interpret. Great to share with friends and family! Dan O
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