Turritella Agate meaning:

Despite its name, Turritella agate is not made of fossil snails of the genus Turritella. This has been realized by professionals and many amateurs for a long time, but the name (and the confusion it promotes) have persisted. The snails are actually properly referred to as Elimia tenera, in the family Pleuroceridae.  The rock in which they are so abundant varies from a soft sandstone to a dense chalcedony.  

Elimia agate comes from the Green River Formation in southwestern Wyoming, northeastern Utah, and northwestern Colorado, from layers deposited in an series of ancient lakes that geologists call Lake Gosiute and Lake Uinta, in the early and middle parts of the Eocene Epoch, between around 53 and 42 million years ago.  These rocks formed in fresh water.  The real Turritella is a group of snails that live only in the ocean. The shells of Elimia are distinguishable from real Turritella by being generally shorter and wider, but especially in having axial as well as spiral sculpture on the shell.

Turritella properties:

Elimia bestows confidence and honor.  It helps the wearer to trust themselves with money and to know how to invest wisely.  Great for loving, quiet, receptive souls who need energetic insulation to avoid being manipulated by the emotions of others.