Tulsi Wood

Tulsi Wood

108 Bead Knotted Natural Tulsi Wood Mala  - 34" long (tassel not included in measurement)

Tulsi Wood is considered by many to be the most sacred of all of the woods.  Sometimes is called sacred basil.  It is worshipped in temples as a living goddess.

Tulsi is excellent to wear to clear your aura.  

Each bead approximately measures 5.7mm long by 4.6mm in diameter.  .5mm center hole.  Strung on orange cotton floss with an orange tassel.

Knotted Tulsi Wood bead Mala (strands of 108 beads) are primarily used as prayer beads, each bead marking the repetition of a prayer. This strand has a knot between each bead. As our mala are hand-carved and assembled, bead sizes and tassel colors may vary.