Tiffany Stone

Tiffany Stone meaning:

The mineral name for Tiffany Stone is Bertrandite.  It is named after mineralogist Emile Bertrand, who discovered it near Nantes, France in 1883.  It tends to replace other minerals, such as Beryl, atom-by-atom, in what is called a pseudomorph or false-form.  Bertrandite is rarely found alone and often accompanies fluorite, as with this crystal.  Still, it is pretty rare.  When the deposit where the crystal forms moves, it cracks, and new minerals fill those cracks creating a stained glass appearance and therefore the name, Tiffany Stone.

Tiffany Stone properties:

Tiffany Stone is about having an intellectual break-through, a genius observation, and a love of mental work for the intellectual expansion and new experience the work affords.  Tiffany Stone also helps to bring about harmony around domestic disputes.