Fossilized Algae or Stromatolite properties:

This is the stone of spiritual leaders!  Hold it when you need to bring chaos into order and confusion into definition.  This crystal is all about listening to all sides, evaluating what has been said, applying deductive reasoning and intuition and directing people and resources towards the achievement of the goal.  It rules inner knowing of the best direction to take, building an empire, amassing a fortune, and bringing one's masculine into maturity and fruition.  Great stone for achieving success, renown, fame and a admirable reputation.

Stromatolite is the name given to the 3+ billion year old colonies of blue-green algae which created dome-like structures, layer-upon-layer of algae communities, in the shallow precambrian seas.  (St. Louis Science Center)

Stromatolite is an excellent stone for those born during the last ten days of the sign of Pisces.