Staurolite is from Lepontine Alps in Switzerland. 

Staurolite meaning:

The name is derived from Stauros, Greek for Cross.  This is a natural formation of the crystal.  Measures about 1.25" by 2" by .75".

Staurolite is also called Fairy Cross or Fairy Stone.  We are importing only specimens with clearly defined crosses.

Staurolite properties:

Metaphysically, this stone is about spirit descending into matter.  Spirit is represented by a downward moving vertical line that intercepts a horizontal line that represents the horizon - the physical plane.  This is an amazing crystal for creating the realization and manifestation of your thoughts, concepts and dreams.  Fantastic crystal for writers.

Even though it is dubbed a Fairy Stone, this is no light-weight energy.  It is the power that enables the masses to evolve, to advance, to push forward despite adversity.  This crystal calls in courage, tireless energy and inspires others to follow your highest leadership.