Serpentine stone meaning:

Named after a serpent because Serpentine has coloration that is similar to that of a particular snake's skin in ancient Italy.  As with many green stones, Serpentine stimulates psychic ability and prosperity. 

Serpentine properties: 

Serpentine oxygenates your red blood cells and increases cell regeneration.  

Serpentine metaphysical properties:

Hold light green Serpentine over your third eye to increase psychic ability.  

This is a great stone to incorporate into a chakra layout over your body.  Place it over your third eye and/or your heart.  

Gently rub smooth serpentine over your face following a facial or hold over bandaged areas following surgery.  

Green Serpentine is often used to ameliorate herpes symptoms by holding the stone to a lesion for a minute or so throughout the day until symptoms disappear.