Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz meaning ... What is Rutilated Quartz? 

I guess the first question is what is rutile.  It's a mineral.  Mostly, it is titanium dioxide.  You may know it as the paint pigment called Titanium White.  It also gets used in sunscreen and food dye.  It is super refractive in that its wavelengths are very long and very visible, which is why it gets in use polarization lenses. 

In addition to titanium dioxide, ten percent is iron, along with some niobium and tantalum.  Niobium is super-conductive and used in MRI magnets.  Tantalum gets its name from the Greek demi god named Tantalus.  He was a definite bad boy.  In the end, he was sentenced to eternal punishment in that he had to stand hungry and thirsty in a pool of receding water under the bough of a fruit tree that was out of reach.  He did do some bad things, such as tell the secrets of Olympus and he killed his son, cut him up, boiled him and served him as a main course in his banquet offering to the gods and goddesses.

Rutilated Quartz has a bunch of needle like inclusions of Rutile running through it. 

Rutilated Quartz metaphysical properties:

After reading about how Rutile and therefore, Rutilated Quartz, contains a bit of Tantalum, which is named after the evil Tantalus, you may be surprised to hear that it is a very spiritual crystal and that there are many desirable Rutilated Quartz properties.

Rutile is one of the best crystals to use while in therapy as it helps release self-imposed repression in our desire to live up to our parents' ideal for us.  In the way that Aventurine alleviates trauma from birth to seven years of age, Rutile alleviates self-judgments from seven to twelve  years old.  Rutile mostly affects the heart chakra, helping it to open and forgive.  

Rutilated Quartz tends to bestow its owner with great ideas and concepts.  Great crystal for a writer.  Also excellent for a CEO or powerful leader as it sheds light on the benefits of ethics and higher-minded decisions that are a source of inspiration to employees or members of the group.  Also an excellent choice for a pastor or rabbi or similar keeper of holy law.  Helps such a leader to inspire his or her followers without trying to manipulate or control them according to his personal will or ego.

Rutilated Quartz healing properties:  

To help with the heart, wear Rutilated Quartz on the traditional ring finger as that finger resonates with the heart and heart chakra.