Ruby Fuchsite

Ruby Fuchsite

Ruby Fuchsite meaning:  

This is the name for the natural formation of ruby inside fuchsite.  The shade of the ruby can vary from light pink to a deep rosy purplish red.  And the fuchsite can also from light yellowish green to deep bluish green.  The key to the coloring for both the ruby and the fuchsite is chromium.  There is a similar crystal called ruby zoisite, which is a natural formation of ruby inside zoisite.  Regular mica has aluminum whereas Fuchsite contains chromium instead.  

The gemstone category called corundum includes rubies and sapphires.  The ruby in ruby fuchsite and ruby zoisite is typically opaque, unlike the transparent quality of a precious ruby which is the most precious gemstone in the world next to a diamond.  The pinkish red spots are rubies.  They are not pure, but they are rubies.  Not pure in that they contain traces of other minerals that make them more opaque.

The green portion of the stone is the fuchsite part.  It is actually a type of muscovite, which is a type of mica.  Fuchsite is also called chrome mica.

Ruby Fuchsite is not the easiest stone to cut because the hardness of of the ruby is different from the hardness of the fuchsite.  Usually the stone is cut to provide the best view of the pink ruby inclusions with a nice complement of the green of the fuchsite.   

Also known as ruby in fuchsite.  Its name comes from Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs, a chemistry and mineralogy professor at the University of Landshut in Germany.  He was also the curator of the mineral collection there.  Karl F. Emil von Schafhautl discovered the mineral and named it to honor von Fuchs in 1842.

Ruby Fuchsite metaphysical properties:

This is a very Virgo-ish stone. Virgo loves to be of service. This stone puts the joy back into taking care of others, especially around organization, holistic medicine, and counseling. It stimulates your awareness of what is good and enjoyable in your everyday life so that you can remember to enjoy the journey. 

Virgo rules the Hermit in tarot.  Hermits are experts at creating sacred space for themselves and insulating themselves from the negativity of the world.  Same goes for this semi-precious stone.  You will especially benefit from its companionship if you are in the vicinity of judgmental, critical or negative people. 

Excellent stone for those in the healing, counseling and management professions.  

Ruby Fuchsite healing properties: 

Excellent for ailments or pain associated with the femur or thigh bones and the hip bones.