Rhyolite-Pumice helps you get organized and take care of everyday matters.  Stimulates productivity in a systematic way.  Gives purpose to explosions of creativity.  Encourages an ease around discipline.  Helps keep you centered and rationale during times of stress.

Great for surveyors, contractors, lawyers, jurors, and accountants.  Great for the smart management of work and money. 

Rhyolite is an igneous rock.  Igneous comes from the word ignis, which means fire in Latin.  Think ignite.  It has the properties of the fire signs in astrology.  It has the same composition as granite, but it is extrusive, meaning it is volcanically-formed as opposed to granite, which is intrusive, meaning it forms below the earth's surface.  As Rhyolite cools, it forms a bunch of tiny, even microscopic in size, crystals.  If it didn't form any crystals, it would actually be obsidian instead of rhyolite.  Granite, which forms inside the magma, cools much more slowly, and tends to produce larger crystals.  If Rhyolite has a lot of holes (vesicles) in it, it is pumice.