Great balancing crystal.  Place it over your pancreas, spleen or kidneys or along those same acupuncture meridians.  Great for a detox program, especially for those concerned with diabetes. 

Also very balancing to the emotions, restoring a proper sense of self and identity in the world.  Mentally, this crystal helps you move from a negative thought to a more positive awareness. 

Often recommended for narcolepsy.

Physically, place in bath or over abdomen or lumbar portion of spine, most ideally over pancreas, spleen or kidneys, but the general area is also fine. 

Emotionally, place in glass of water or mug of herbal tea and sip drink through straw.  If getting a massage, ask the bodyworker to place the Rhodochrosite in a shallow bowl with some almond oil and then use the almond oil for your massage.

To improve positive thinking, or for Narcoleptics, expose the sphere to orange light for 8 to 10 minutes and then just hold in \hands.  Even better if placed in a copper pyramid form for half an hour after the orange light exposure.