Reusable Gift Bags

Recycled sari silk fabric drawstring bags, Bohemian hippie bags, Indian fabric gift bags, cotton drawstring bags, hand painted silk pouch bags, handwoven cotton cloth with rayon tapestry bag, and even a soft leather drawstring pouch can make a perfect gift bag.  Just pop your gift in and add a gift card.  

Retired silk Indian sari's repurposed into drawstring bags in four sizes.  Sewn by women collectively working together in fair trade shops.

A drawstring bag can have square or rounded corners. 

The top has been folded over to create a tunnel for a cord, string or ribbon to be threaded through.

There are finished little openings in the tunnel for the cord or ribbon to enter and exit.  Once the cord or string has been entered into a hole it is slide through the tunnel and pulled out through the same hole and then tied to itself to create an endless loop.  The opening of the bag is tightened by pulling on the cord or string that is outside the hole.  Same function as you see on the waist of sweatpants.

Oftentimes, there is also a finished opening on the other side so that when the two ends of the cord have ben knotted together, the cord is also pulled out of the hole on the opposite side and knotted so that the opening of the bag can be gathered and tightened by pulling on both sides of the cord.  Not a good reference for fashion, but it's as you would see on a vinyl trash bag.