A crystal pyramid shape is the most regenerative and energetic form for crystals and minerals.   Crystal pyramids are used for healing, renewing, rejuvenating, energizing and reviving.  Quartz amplifies, so it is often used to generate quartz crystal pyramid power.  

Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian doctor and Freudian analyst, came up with the idea of orgone energy in the 1930's.  He thought of orgone as a universal anti-entropic dynamic that is a type of creative energy that inherently exists in nature.  One of Reich's students named Charles Kelly picked up with Reich's work after Reich passed away in 1957.  Orgone has no weight and is everywhere.  It's like a glowing gas or ether.  More than an ether, it's thought to be alive.  As an alive energy, it can organize itself on a microscopic level.  The units the energy that are organized are orgone are called bions.  Bions can be organized in a microscopic system or a macroscopic structure, such as a cloud or a galaxy.

Reich believed that when a person has blocks in their body or a deficiency of orgone energy, that block or deficiency manifests as disease or sexual dysfunction or some sort of neurosis.  

Reich left Europe and moved to the United Stated in 1939 so that could continue to do research on orgone energy.  He opened the Orgone Institute in 1942.  Next, he published a lot of literature on his research  and then he designed boxes a person could sit in to absorb orgone called orgone accumulators.  The boxes were designed to not only collect orgone energy from the atmosphere, but to store it as well.  People who bought these orgone accumulators, such as William S. Burroughs, kept it in their home for convenient, daily use.  The outside of the box would be some kind of organic material, such as wood.  The inside was lined with metallic material, such as thin sheets of polished metal.  Objects were also placed into the orgone accumulator.  The energy could also be directed at things and even used to control the weather.

This concept was combined with the focusing characteristic of pyramids made in the ratio of the Cheops pyramids in Egypt.  These are known as orgone pyramids.  We also sell the orgonite pyramid.