Moss Agate

Multi-Color Moss Agate stone meaning:

As you can see, this crystal gets its name from its appearance.  The primary difference between moss agate stone and multi-color moss agate stone meaning is that regular moss agate looks just like moss growing in water, the water being chalcedony and the moss being green minerals that grew together in filaments that look like moss.  Instead of green on clear, it can also be green on milky white, the white being quartz. There is no actual moss in it or other organic materials, the green is usually manganese oxide or chrome.  Multi-color Moss Agate usually contains iron.  Although it is called Moss Agate, it is not actually an agate that formed in layers, but rather was created in a volcano.  

Multi-Color Moss Agate healing properties:

We have both Moss Agate and Multi-color Moss Agate.  Moss Agate was formed with green minerals only where as Multi-Color Moss Agate had other minerals, such as Iron.

Multi-color Moss Agate stone helps with issues concerning the head in general and the eyes specifically.  Use to strengthen vitality and balance the mind.

Multi-Color Moss Agate metaphysical properties:

The multi-color variety of Moss Agate stone is about great possibilities opening up.  It also fires up ambition tempered with responsibility and sound judgment.  

Energetically, this is a very positive, stimulating crystal that motivates its owner to initiate new projects and jump into action.  It is also a good choice for leaders as it imparts visionary characteristics and the knack for taking a dream into tangible reality.  Part of the crystal's signature is courage and generosity.  

Multi-color Moss Agate is a magnetic in nature because of the manganese and iron.  It attracts money and passion.

Not the right crystal for anyone who tends towards recklessness as it can make them overly bold.