Hematite, also spelled haematite, is crystallized iron oxide.  It ranges in color from dark black to red, with shades of gray and brown in between.  Hematite has a rust-red streak.  

Hematite stone is a wonderfully grounding and protective crystal.


Hematite properties:


Hematite has strength in its magnetism.  It is a combination of gentleness and fortitude.  


In a person, Hematite emphasizes the individual's strength through character traits of tolerance, dependability, fairness, determination and steadfastness.  The magnetic quality of Hematite comes through as devotion to friends, poise and a magnetic personality.  


Hematite people, those who muscle test very strongly to Hematite, tend to do well financially and achieve success through positions of power. 


Hematite, as the name suggests, is about strengthening your blood, more specifically, the walls of your red blood corpuscles.