Gem Elixirs

Gem Elixirs

Alaskan Essences and Aunti Vi's Aura Sprays

Each Alaskan Essence Gem Elixir has been prepared in a pristine wilderness setting that was chosen for the particular elemental qualities it embodied, qualities that would most effectively anchor the healing pattern of the stone into the water. For example, many of these elixirs were prepared next to glaciers and glacial streams, some on the shore of the largest lake in the interior of Alaska, and several in a high mountain meadow filled with wild flowers and surrounded by peaks of the Alaskan Range, including Denali, the tallest mountain in North America.

How the Alaskan Gem Elixirs Work

Gem elixirs are liquid preparations that contain the potentized healing vibrations of a particular gem or mineral. Their primary action is to stabilize and balance the energy field. This includes the subtle bodies which make up the aura, and the chakras, or main energy centers of the body.

Gem elixirs work by catalyzing the release of stress and tension that has been allowed to build up in the energetic structure of the body. As these dissonant energies are released, that structure comes back into alignment, and the body is able to regain its natural state of balance, stability, and resistance to stress.

Gem elixirs help us access the healing support of the mineral kingdom in a very efficient way through their ease and flexibility of application. They may be used both internally and externally, by themselves, or in combination with other vibrational remedies. They are particularly effective when used concurrently with flower essences, as they help to physically stabilize and anchor the shifts in consciousness that are catalyzed by the transformational energies of the flowers.

Aunt Vi's sprays are made from gem elixirs and essential oils.  To make a gem elixir, a particular crystal is placed in an unmarked, glass jar and filled with distilled water.  This is sealed and placed in the sun for a number of days.  The essential oils used in these sprays are made from organically-grown plants and cold-pressed.  Use them to clear the energies of a room or over your head to revitalize yourself.