Beautiful rondelle-shaped natural fluorite beads.  

The name Fluorite comes from the Latin word fleuere, which means "to flow."  This is because Fluorite easily melts.  

Fluorite is an interesting blend of science and art.  It enhances the lives of individuals who love the perfection of nature ... its orderly, systematic consciousness.  Great crystal for a naturalist or other natural scientist.  Fluorite also relates to the arts, but more as an enthusiast.  Tends to accentuate ideals and sexual attractiveness of scientific, artsy types who want to come across more dynamically or who want a more fulfilling, abundant life.

Fluorite forms in octahedrons, so when it is cut, tumbled and polished, the octohedron diamonds often show up as chevron patterns.  Keep one close by to hold every so often throughout the day to guard against osteoporosis and tooth enamel loss.  Enhances assimilation of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin K.  Put one in your tub when you bathe (or your hot tub!)

Its energy assists its wearer to perceive higher vibrational reality, which diminishes anxiety.