Chrome Diopside

There are two types of Diopside that are gem quality: Chrome Diopside and Black Star Diopside.  The Chrome Diopside gets its name from the inclusion of Chromium, which also gives it its green color.  Diopside is derived from two Greek words: dis, which means twice, and opse, which means a side or a face.  Diopside refers to the two views of the vertical prism.

Although Diopside crystallizes in various colors, it is usually a low luster green.  The cleavages (sides coming together) are distinct as they form 87 degree and 93 degrees aspects, which give Diopside its prismatic character.  

Chrome Diopside meaning:

Palm-size polished Russian Chrome Diopside.  Vibrationally, very similar to the crystal enstatite except that Diopside is more masculine in its energy.  

Very helpful for implants and transplants as it helps the body welcome what's different, such as an implant, organ or tissue.

Chrome Diopside properties

Healing for individuals who were abused by their fathers.

This crystal is like a combination of Mercury and Uranus working to free the individual from Saturn issues that may be connected to father, authority, boss, teeth, skin, or too much responsibility.  Helps to see the benefit of discipline with practices that help the mind transcend, such as yoga and meditation 

Good for men who are "stuck" in boyhood trauma.