Chabazite properties: Chabazite usually forms in rhombohedral shapes that looks like cubes.  The cubes typical twin - form next to each other or even poke into each other. 

Chabazite can be white or colorless, but also shows up in shades of pink, peach, orange, golden yellow, light brown, and even green. 

Chabazite meaning: A French botanist named Bosc d'Antic named the mineral Chabasie (so French!) in 1792  and later changed the spelling to Chabazite as the suffix ite denotes a mineral.

It is typically excavated in the Arizona, Bay of Fundy, the Faroe Island, the Giants Causeway (Northern Ireland), Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, New Jersey, Nova Scotia, and Oregon.  Kind of an atypical listing.


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