Traces of gold are what give Celestite is sky blue color.

Celestite meaning: The name Celestine comes from a Latin word, caelestis, which means celestial.  Celestial comes from another Latin word, caelum, which means sky.  So Celestite is named for the color of the sky.

Celestite metaphysical properties: Celestite strengthens its owners sense of independence and leadership inclinations.  It suits individuals with a unique personality or those who want to strengthen their character and presentation in order to guide others or fulfill a position of leadership, such as CEO, president, lead designer, or professor.

Celestite aligns one with their highest path and authenticity.  It calls upon the non-physical souls of great leaders from the past for inspiration.

We carry Celestite druzy that are pieces of big Celestite geodes.  Druzy is the lining of crystals inside another crystal's crevices or holes.  You see this a lot with geodes, especially near water.  The druzy formed as a result of the presence of water around and inside the geode.  As the water vaporized, the druzy formed from the mineral deposits that had been in the water.

Druzy is also spelled druze or drusy.