Flower Elixirs

Flower Essences are gentle remedies made from the life force of flowering plants and trees.  They were first prepared in England by Dr. Edward Bach in the late 1920’s.  Word spread of the Bach flower remedies and many other people started making their own flower essences, mainly in the mid 80’s, one of them was the founder of Alaskan Essences, Steve Johnson. 

Flower essences carry the life force, energy or energetic imprint of flowers. They are not essential oils and do not contain any physical material.  The energy of the flowers communicates and resonates with our energy, as we are energetic beings ourselves.

Flower essences can be used for:

  • spiritual insight and development
  • understanding your emotions and thoughts, giving inner balance and peace
  • change thoughts that are not serving you
  • inner growth, better understanding of your life
  • insight into problems and difficulties so that you can cope or let them go

In summary, whenever emotions or thoughts are out of balance, flower essences can be helpful.  For example, if you have a certain fear, then you actually have a lack of courage.  Flower essences help reveal the underlying reason for the fear and thereby increase your courage.

Flower Essences are a very natural and safe way of healing.  They have no side effects and can easily be integrated into any program of care as they do not interfere with other forms of treatments.

Alaskan Essences offers a threefold system of healing

They have designed a system of vibrational healing that is based on the co-creative relationship that exists between the plant, mineral, and elemental kingdoms.  This threefold system derives its effectiveness from the special qualities of healing energy that each kingdom has to offer and from the synergy that is created when these essences are used together.

The plant kingdom occupies the central role in this co-creative relationship, bringing the gift of spiritual consciousness to the earth.  Flower essences catalyze growth in consciousness.  They help us increase our awareness and understanding of our self and our life lessons.  Flower essences both educate and empower the person taking them.  They help us get insights in old ways of thinking, doing, and being that are no longer contributing to our highest good.  In other words, they help us see clearly what we are doing and how we are trapped in our own patterns. Flower essences help us find new ways of looking at our lives and ourselves.  

Internal use:  All of the flower, gem and environmental essences are bottled at the stock level of dilution and each bottle has been individually hand potentized.  Dosage bottles can be prepared by following these basic instructions:

First choose the appropriate essences. This may be done by pendulum analysis, kinesiology (muscle testing), intuitive selection or by reading the essence descriptions and determining which ones feel right for you. 

It may also be helpful to have a therapist or friend work with you in the selection process.  Fill a clean one ounce glass dropper bottle with pure spring or distilled water and add two drops of each selected essence.  We recommend adding 20% brandy to preserve the clarity and stability of the dosage solution.  Those with a sensitivity to alcohol may want to use a similar amount of vegetable glycerin as a substitute for the brandy.

The standard dosage is four drops, four times a day, but we urge individual testing to arrive at the correct dosage amount and frequency, especially with small children.  Please note that the frequency, or the number of times that the essences are taken, rather than the amount that is taken, increases the strength of effect.

You may want to use these essences at their existing stock level of dilution.  Drops may be taken directly from the stock bottle, two drops at a time.

You can also add two drops of each essence to a glass of water and take a sip four times a day.

Take the essence(s) for at least 3-4 weeks.

External use:  All of the Alaskan Essences can be used externally by blending them with massage oils, lotions and creams or as a special addition to your bath.  They may also be broadcast into your environment by placing several drops in an indoor fountain, a humidifier or by preparing a misting or spritzer bottle.

To make up a spritzer bottle, fill it with filtered or distilled water and add two drops of each chosen essence along with any essential oils you wish to use.  You can also add a small amount of clear alcohol to act as a preservative.

Using the Essences with animals:  Dosage bottles can be prepared according to the directions given above with these additional considerations: animals are generally more responsive to vibrational essences than humans.  The dosage cycle for an animal will usually be of a shorter duration.

Drops from the dosage bottle may be added to the watering dish every time it is filled. For acute situations, or when the animal is unable to eat or drink regularly, give drops directly to the animal as often as necessary.  For animals who are unable to take their essences orally, add essences to a spritzer bottle and spray them around or directly on the animal.