Meditation Pyramid Kits and Mind Machines

Meditation Pyramid Kits and Mind Machines

Sacred geometry of the pyramids. This simple geometric shape has been known to induce relaxation and deep restorative sleep, as well as facilitate spiritual exploration and development. 

Nick Edwards' pyramid energy products, including the renowned pyramid sleep systems, are the world's finest pyramid products since 1975.  The tubes are measured, cut and hand-sanded in an environment of peace and tranquility in a setting of earth, trees, bubbling water and rock.  Then, each product is electrically charged using a Tesla Coil.

Egyptian civilization was one of the greatest and longest lived in the ancient world, lasting for over five thousand years.  Foremost among their achievements was the construction of the pyramids.  Now, thousands of years later, this civilization still continues to educate and intrigue.

Here we offer you an opportunity to experience the remarkable energy of the pyramids.  Products range from pyramid baby kits to full-sized matrix sleep systems.

Custom sizes available.  

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