Mind Machines and Sacred Geometry

Mind Machines and Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry has been known to induce relaxation and deep restorative sleep, as well as facilitate spiritual exploration and development. 

Egyptian civilization was one of the greatest and longest lived in the ancient world, lasting for over five thousand years.  Foremost among their achievements was the construction of the pyramids.  Now, thousands of years later, this civilization still continues to educate and intrigue. 


Now, about these David Machines.  We, our family members and our friends, use the DAVID Machine.  I first experienced a David Machine in 1989 at a New Age conference and was blown away.  The strobe light in the goggles bothered me a bit when I first put on the goggles, but then I felt a wave of calm and went into a profound meditative state.  I was already very experienced in self-hypnosis and I thought it was brilliant.  In the headsets you could hear a steady, healthy heartbeat.  The eye-sets seemed to be encouraging my brain to re-set itself to a strong and healthy place.  The biofeedback-like clips on my ear lobes were barely noticeable. 


Initially the DAVID Machine was super-expensive and out of my budget at the time, but I always remembered the experience and would use my memory of that feeling to go into meditation after that.  In my mind, it was this amazing meditation machine.


Almost 30 years later, I was concerned about the stress-levels and insomnia a friend was going through.  My younger daughter remembered my story about using a DAVID machine and suggested I get one for her.  I did.  After she used it for a few sessions, relief kicked in. 


Then my step-mother was going through a bout of severe anxiety and days of not sleeping.  I drove one over to her as she lives in a neighboring city.  She emailed me the next morning to say she slept and felt wonderful.  


Suddenly, I became aware of all of these people I knew who were suffering from a lot of stress and insomnia.  We started shipping DAVID out and getting amazing feedback.  Only one person has ever returned a machine because she didn't like the strobe effect.  


Then I found out that Mind Alive makes another style of goggles that have eye holes so that you can watch television or read while doing your session.  Perfect for those individuals who are more affected by the strobe effect.  


You close your eyes while you have the goggles on.  The first DAVID machine I bought I immediately put on my husband to go through the start-up steps.  I forgot you are supposed to close your eyes and he did the whole thing with his eyes open.  He kept asking, "are you sure I am supposed to have my eyes open?"  Poor dear.  He went to sleep right afterwards.  My daughter says that he went through the Clockwork Orange version.  Funny girl.


The Mind Alive light and sound brain products are patented.  Mind Alive is the number one professional choice for a light sound mind machine.  The only Light and Sound machine with patented dual frequency brain stimulation, dissociation, brain frequency tracking and music modulation sessions. They can help improve your health, mental functioning, sleep, mood, and cognition.   


The user's manual is easy to understand yet very comprehensive.  The manual provides information about the 25 programmed sessions, operation instructions and tips to quickly achieve the best results. Plus, you can call us at 818-348-4680 or email June Leary with your questions at june@lifeisagiftshop.com.


Here is a good, easy-to-follow video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnPje1JNTBg


If not totally delighted, fully refundable within 30 days of purchase.


The David Machine sessions have been thoroughly tested and are designed based on the most current research findings to ensure you the most effective results.  There are articles on the Internet that you can read about the amazing research and results of working with the DAVID Delight Pro.  Mind Alive has been designing and manufacturing mind enhancement products for 30 years, and has conducted extensive research in that time, continually revealing new applications for this ground breaking technology.


Requires a 1.9 volt battery.


Mind Alive Cautionary Warning and Legal Disclaimer


Safety Information:


If you are an epileptic, photic epileptic or have any history of seizures: We recommend that all persons who have a history of epilepsy, photic epilepsy or have ever had a seizure of any kind not use the DAVID Delight unless under the supervision of a health care professional who is qualified in the safe detection of seizures. If you have had a brain injury or suffer from any mental disorder or psychiatric illness: We recommend that people who have had a brain injury or have a history of psychiatric illness or mental disorders not use the DAVID Delight unless under the supervision of a qualified health care professional. If you are taking drugs or using alcohol: We recommend that people currently using drugs and/or excessive alcohol consumption not use the DAVID Delight unless under the supervision of a qualified health care professional. If you are a first-time DAVID Delight user: We advise that you always remain seated or reclined while using the DAVID Delight. We also suggest that new users begin sessions with low brightness in the goggles. If at any time during a session, you begin to feel vertigo, nausea, euphoria, "déjà-vu", or a sense of mental instability, lower the intensity of the goggles and lower the volume of the tones or discontinue the session. 


Legal Disclaimer:


Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


There are Energizing Sessions to wake you up.  Use them for the following:


1) To achieve a relaxed state of attention.


2) To wean off of caffeine.


3) If you have ADD.


4) If you have seasonal affect disorder symptoms.  


5) To sharpen your mind.


6) To “loosen up” a stuck mind. 


Meditation Sessions are calming and relaxing.  Use them for the following:


1) If you want to raise your alpha waves. 


2) To grab a power nap during your coffee or lunch break.


3) If you need to reestablish your natural alpha rhythm.


4) A quick, yet thorough afternoon meditation.


5) For creative visualization.


6) Sleeping.   


7) For self-hypnosis.


8) During prayer.


9) For channeling.


Clarity Sessions to help you focus and concentrate.  Use them for the following:


1) To improve attention and alertness while reading.


2) For improved focus and mental functioning.


3) For improved memory.


4) Use the session that has rapid transitions for mental stimulation


5) To develop athletic skills and improve performance.


Sleep Sessions help you relax and fall asleep.  Use them for the following 


1) For deep meditation and sleep


2) To meditate and visualize during the first half followed by sleep during the second half.


3) To help break up distressing thoughts interfering with sleep.


4) Insomnia.


5) To fall asleep more easily.


6) Fibromyalgia.


7) For self-hypnosis.


Mood Sessions are for those with the following:


1) Shifting negative emotions.


2) Alleviate anxiety to enhance relaxation.


3) Fibromyalgia.


4) Hypertension


5) A relaxed state during dental procedures, massage, physiotherapy, and chiropractic adjustments 


6) Extreme anxiety.


7) Before appearing in court or a mediation.


8) Before getting married.


9) Before birthing.


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