Master Level 60, 70, 75 and 84 inch Pyramid Kits

These giant pyramid kits set up easily and are powerful pyramid charger stations for your crystals, jewelry, frozen food, supplements, razor blades, seeds and cosmetics.  It's comprised of gold anodized titanium-aluminum tubes and plastic connector ends that have pulverized quartz added to the resin solution, so more of a pyramid frame that precisely corresponds to the golden ratio of the Great Pyramid of Giza pyramid.

You can hang it from the ceiling over your favorite chair for meditation.  Pyramid meditation is the best!  Or over your bed for deep and amazing sleep.  Or over your dining room table to preserve your floral arrangement.  We have our hanging from our tree in the backyard high enough for yoga poses underneath.

This is an authentic Pyramid Planet pyramid kit by Nick Edwards, the original Pyramid Man.  He and Patrick Flanagan popularized pyramid activation using a Tesla violet wand.  Nick Edwards' kits are sometimes called Tesla Pyramids because of the Tesla current run through them.

A pyramid kit makes a great gift for new parents who really need to sleep.