Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

Made in Nepal.  Natural, untreated Golden Tiger's Eye 7mm beads that have been hand-knotted into a 108-count mala.  Wear as a beautiful necklace or use during meditation to count off 108 breaths or positive affirmation repetitions.  

Caring for your Tigers Eye jewelry:

To keep silk threads of tassel straight, spritz with water and comb straight.  To cleanse, put your mala out under a full moon for half an hour and you're good to go.  A great gift or caretakers.

Tigers Eye stone meaning:

32 inch Tiger's Eye mala strengthens one's executive qualities along the lines of integrity, justice, diplomacy, patience, honesty and compassion.  It helps you to positively channel your emotions, both personally and in business.  It attracts health and success.  7 mm size spherical beads.