Hand-carved Green Serpentine (known as Shamak-Sud) Tespeh from Afghanistan.

Tespeh (or Tasbeeh) are Islamic Prayer Beads of 99 beads, each bead marking the repetition of a prayer.

These beads are handmade so bead sizes, tassels and natural serpentine colors vary as does the length from 28 to 38 inches (depending on the bead size).  

Serpentine meaning:

This crystal is named after a serpent because the stone's coloration is similar to that of a particular snake's skin in ancient Italy. 


As with many green stones, Serpentine stimulates psychic ability.  It also oxygenates your red blood cells and increases cell regeneration.  Hold it and use it while visualizing prosperity, healing (especially post-surgery), and improved circulation.  Regular handling safely accelerates kundalini rising.  Used by ancient Romans to halt signs of aging.  Phoenix-like properties.