Violet Flame Opal

Violet Flame Opal meaning:   

Violet Flame Opal is also known as Morado Opal.  Morado opal meaning is the same as Violet Flame opal's: Morado Opal and a gemstone called Tiffany Stone look a lot alike, but they have different compositions and come from different places.

Violet Flame Opal is a purple and white opal with silica and trace amounts of purple fluorite and is found in central Mexico.  The purple fluorite gives it the violet flame color.  

Tiffany Stone is a silicified fluorite that is found in a beryllium mine at Spore Mountain, Utah.  It is also purple and white with cross cuts that are from former fractures that created openings for chalcedony, opal, quartz and bertrandite to crystallize in between the breaks.  

Violet Flame Opal metaphysical properties 

Best opal to wear to attract wealth, prestige and the opportunities needed to amass a fortune.  This stone elevates practical acumen.