Tanzanite is more accurately termed Blue Zoisite.

Mined near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  

Tanzanite meaning and Blue Zoisite meaning:

Manuel de Souza found Tanzanite in 1967 in the Merelani Hills in Northern Tanzania not too far from Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Tanzanite has only been found in Tanzania.

Tiffany & Company renamed Blue Violet Zoisite for its country of origin and to make it more glamourous.  They launched Tanzanite to the public in 1968.  Tanzanite was elected as the official birth stone for December by the American Gem Trade Association.  This happened in 2002.  The last time a month was reassigned a birth stone was 90 years earlier.

Tanzanite properties:

Tanzanite brings its owner recognition, rewards, awards, and acknowledgement for achievements or accomplishments that follow a long stretch of challenges, oppositions, legal battles, or enemies.  Imagine the outcome you want when you wear it.  Helps shift attention from the problems at hand to the happy resolution.  Great gemstone for air signs.