Abalone Shell

Abalone Shell

Essentially marine snails, Abalone lives in the colder waters of Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, California, South Africa and Peru.  Because the shell itself is ear-shaped, it is also known as Ear Shell or Sea Ear.  

The incredibly strong Abalone Shell has a shallow spiral structure.  Along the top, you can see a line of breathing holes.  The outer surface is gray, but the inside is made up of many iridescent layers call nacre or mother-of-pearl.  Depending upon the shell, there are all the colors of the rainbow reflected in the nacre.  Under a microscope, it looks like the shell is composed of layers of bricks that are calcium carbonate.  The mortar between the bricks is protein that grabs hold tightly.  Should something hit the shell, it doesn't break, but instead the protein mortar stretches to absorb the blow.  

This is why Abalone Shell is credited with the ability to strengthen and protect.  When worn or held, it strengthens muscular tissue, especially tissue that contracts, such as heart muscle.  It is also recommended for bone degeneration, in particular the spine.  Many consider it anti-carcinogenic because of the energetic properties of the protein mortar.  It also encourages enzymes in the body to bind with beta-carotene in the body's system.  

Excellent for the fourth and fifth chakras.  Abalone Shell balances the feminine with the masculine.  

Also helps a person to project their personality so great for an actor, politician and comedian.