Blue Morpho Butterfly Pendant

The butterflies are collected after dying naturally at the end of their full-life cycle in the equatorial rain forest. The delicate butterfly wings are skillfully prepared and set in sterling silver by Peruvian crafts people. he wing fragment is set between two thin sheets of glass-like resin and framed in a silver alloy.  Some of the wings have patterns that differ from side-to-side, making them reversible, such as the Blue and Black, Sunset, Owl's Eye and the Blue Morpho.  This environmentally-sensitive program provides income for local families while encouraging conservation and a sustainable lifestyle.

As this butterfly jewelry is made from natural wings, each piece is unique and some color variations occur.  Availability of butterfly jewelry is not always consistent due to the nature of the product.  These butterfly earrings are durable and the colors will remain vibrant, however it is best to avoid exposure to water.  

What is the spiritual meaning of a butterfly?

Peruvian shamans wear and prescribe butterfly and moth wings to easily facilitate transformation and transition.  Helps issues around release, loss and grief.

Greek mythology associates the goddess Psyche with the butterfly, the beautiful mortal princess bride of Eros that was granted immortality by Zeus.  Butterfly wing jewelry is worn to invite a muse for writers and painters.

Brazilian shamans wear butterfly and moth wings to invite higher beings' assistance, especially the wings of the Blue Morpho.  It is seen as an important energetic tool for enlightenment.