What makes a piece of jewelry spiritual jewelry?  If it is made from high quality gemstones or crystals.  Or from other elements of nature, such as the wing of a butterfly, lining of a shell or a pearl. 

It is vital that it has been sourced in an ethical manner.  For instance, in the case of a butterfly wing, that the butterflies lived a full life and were picked up from the floor of the jungle in a way that does not disturb the jungle environment as opposed to butterflies that are grown and harvested for jewelry. 

The artisans who created it are adults in modern working environments paid a fair wage. 

The piece was designed with an intention of harmony, peace, love, devotion or blessings to the anticipated recipient. 

Most of the individuals involved in the selling of the item from artisans to merchant are aligned with fair practices.

Spiritual jewelry is also called sacred jewelry, metaphysical jewelry, New Age jewelry or blessed jewelry.

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