It feels great to find just the right gift for someone you love. Some people are really good at it.  I would imagine Oprah and Martha are fantastic at it.  

If you think of the right personalized gift, it can be a big hit!  So fun to watch your gift recipient cry because they love your gift so much.   Ahhhh .... good times.

Sizing can be a real obstacle.  You hate to guess and have your gift never get worn or used.  On the other hand, guessing correctly for a bigger person is sometimes not so appreciated either.  

If there are a lot of options, gift certificates seem like a good gift, but you don't want it to look like you couldn't think of anything else.

We do have a lot of great items if you need unique Christmas gifts, Chanukah gifts / Hanukkah gifts, metaphysical gifts, Hindu gifts for Diwali, Buddhist gifts, unique holiday gifts that can be gifts for Wiccan friends or New Age gifts for those bringing in the Age of Aquarius!

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