Valentine Cards

Used to be and maybe it still is that when you are a kid you got a box of valentines that you had to use for everyone from your heart throb to your best friend to your teacher to your parents and siblings.  And it was a party day in your classroom.

So most of us are conditioned for something special on Valentine's Day, but we need different kinds of cards for all the different people we love and appreciate.  And chances are good that the card that was a hoot for your ex might offend your spouse.  

In addition to card lines from independent artists, we also offer Papaya Art and Tokyomilk St. Valentines Day cards.

So our offering changes from year-to-year, but usually we have humorous Valentines Day cards, romantic Valentine cards, at least one or two old fashioned Valentines Day cards, spiritual valentine cards, artsy valentine cards, friendship Valentines Day cards, Goth Valentines Day cards and sometimes silly valentines, just like when you were a kid.