Gourmet Chocolate Truffles

Looking for the best gourmet chocolate truffles?  Yes?  You are probably expecting them to be organic truffles, but were you expecting them to be Ayurvedic and healing?  No, right!  Were you expecting them to be non dairy truffles?  Maybe, because you love dark chocolate.  These are award-winning chocolate truffles that happen to also be the best vegan chocolate truffles.  Needless to say, if you have been looking for the connoisseur chocolates that are organic chocolate truffles and vegan truffles, buy the best vegan chocolate truffles right here.  And they are special!

Welcome to Chocoveda!  Chocoveda inspires self-indulgence in sacred practices of love, meditation and positive thinking for the ultimate balance between the mind, heart, body and soul. 

Chocoveda truffles offer so much more than any other gourmet vegan chocolate. These healthy truffles are the offspring of a magical union between one powerful healing system called Ayurveda and one lifelong passion for delicious chocolate.  

Chocoveda's purpose in this world is to inspire you to your highest potential of happiness.  What better way than through beautiful boxes of superbly delicious chocolate vegetarian truffles ... the ultimate vegan chocolate gifts.  

Chocoveda dairy free truffles are handmade from the finest, purest and simplest of organic ingredients.  These chakra chocolates contain no preservatives or any unnatural additives and are absolutely vegan and dairy-free.  They are more than the best vegan truffles.  They are the best chocolate truffles - unless you prefer milk chocolate truffles that are on the sweeter side.