Scarves and Wraps

Hand-loomed scarves that are also hand-dyed.  Designer shawls and stoles and artist designer scarves are imported from India and Nepal.

Alphonse Mucha Designer Wraps and Shawls

A velvet shawl makes such a nice evening shawl.  

The Art Nouveau designer scarves and wraps were inspired by the style of Alphonse Mucha, the Czech painter who happened to be the only illustrator available to design a poster needed by the adored Parisian actress, Sarah Bernhardt.  It was for her role in Gismonda.  The poster is of the same name.  Within a few days, Mucha's poster, Gismonda, was displayed all over Paris.  Their unique style created a sweeping new trend for poster art and dealers snatched up all the posters recognizing their value.  It was the elongated style, the single figure positioned as a saint, and the use of pastels that captured everyone's attention.  The divine Miss Bernhardt hired Mucha to design posters for six subsequent products, the stage and her costumes as well. The same posters were used for her American tours.  The result?  Sarah Bernhardt became an icon and Alphonse Mucha became an artistic revolutionary.

Alfons Mucha, a painter and decorator in art nouveau, was born on July 24th, 1860 in the Czech Republic.  He died July 14th, 1939.  He was known as Alphonse Mucha and Alfonse Mucha.  He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements, postcards and designs.  Besides evening wear shawls wraps, large scarves, prom shawls, shawl scarves, silk scarves, tie scarves, velvet shawls, women's shawls, many of his paintings and illustrations were used as ads and postcards.  

When fascism reached its peak in the late 1930's, Mucha's reputation and work suffered because the press understood him to be reactionary.  His art was deemed dated and no longer desirable to collectors.  He was of Jewish ancestry.  When the Nazi's moved into Czechoslovakia in 1939, he was soon arrested and interrogated.  Mucha was 79 and contracted pneumonia in prison.  Later, he was released that summer, but he died from the pneumonia.  

Alfons Mucha's son was an author and wrote a lot about his father to restore the integrity of the art and his father's reputation.  Mucha's work rose again in popularity during the '60's and now due to the overall great appreciation of Art Nouveau.  Now you can gift an art nouveau scarf.  And it's always nice to own your own Alphonse Mucha scarf.


The Indian tie dye scarves were made with a specific skill.  It is not a batik scarf as you find in Bali using dye resist in a large scarf.  It's an Indian bandhani tie scarf using the intricate craft of Indian tie-dye.  It is known as a tie and dye scarf in India instead of a tie dye scarf.  Each little dot is a hand-tied knot. 

The silk georgette fabric is pinched between fingernails and swiftly tied and knotted with string.  After the entire piece is dyed, the string bundles are removed by two people tugging at opposite corners of the cloth with their full body weight!

These exquisite Bandhani scarves are made in the town of Porbandar, in Gujerat, on the Arabian Sea. These unique scarves are purchased from the same Bandhniwallah who has supplied Indika for over 50 years.  The Bandhniwallah's family has been in this business since 1874 - over 125 years!  So great to be able to offer silk bandhani online.  Such light, feminine pretty scarves. 

These tie scarves come in jewel tone colors so you can choose between a green silk scarf, a blue silk scarf, or a turquoise silk scarf or fuchsia scarf.  

Designer scarves women in your life can wear to add a little more delight to everyday life.  So nice to wear an unusual scarf with a story to tell.

The Kheops blue elephant batik shawl scarf can be used as wall decor.  

If you are looking for fringed scarves or fringed shawls, the Mucha shawls are fringed.