Women's Wide Leather Belts

Gorgeous craftsmanship on these cool leather belts.  Hand-made belts from Bali in versatile vegetable-dyed colors.  They're all great.  I really love the rose one - the flower buckle belt.  Size medium-large.  42-3/4 inches long.  Fits waist measurements from 27 to 38-1/2 inches.  End with hand-cast brass buckle-ornament is reinforced with an additional layer of leather.

Ladies Braided Belt - Moroccan Belt

This serpent belt or snake belt is a great Boho belt that measures 53 inches.  The buckle is what makes these belts such unique exotic leather belts.  It's a braided leather belt with a serpent buckle.  Snake head on this Moroccan leather belt has a hook that hooks into anywhere in the braid of braided belt, so fits any size from 18 to 50 inch waist.