Kambaba Jasper beads.

Kambaba Jasper meaning:

Kambaba Jasper is a relatively new crystal from Madagascar.  You can also find Kambaba Jasper for sale under other names.  It is also known by the name Crocodile Jasper, Green Kambaba Jasper, Kambaba Jasper Stromatolite and Kambaba Stone. 

What is Kambaba?  Kambaba Jasper meaning:

It is not actually Jasper.  It is fossilized algae composed of Amphibole (crocidolite), Cristobalite (white spots in Snowflake Obsidian), Feldspar (seals the aura), Quartz, Sanidine, Albite (Rainbow Moonstone), Uralite, Leucoxene and Rutilated Hematite. 

Kambaba Jasper healing properties:

Kambaba is very soothing. grounding and protective.  It balances emotions and detoxifies the cells.

Kambaba Jasper also aids plants, animals and humans in the assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

Other Kambaba Jasper properties:

On a mental level, Kambaba increases endurance and powers of observation.

Known as a prosperity stone, it encourages all kinds of creative growth.

Kambaba metaphysical properties:

Shamans use Kambaba to prevent and discourage psychic attack and to assist them in seeing deeper realities.  Kambaba works to shield humans and pets from electromagnetic radiation and environmental pollution.