Tourmalated Quartz

Black Tourmaline meaning: 

The name tourmaline comes from a word in Singhalese (Northern India and Sri Lanka), tourmalli or turmali, which translates into multi colored stones.  Makes sense when you consider all the different colors that tourmaline forms in: black, white, red, pink, green and blue.

Black Tourmaline metaphysical properties:

Even though it activates the first chakra, Tourmaline helps you get the sleep you need ... wear it before retiring.  Black Tourmaline is though to alleviate issues associated with the first chakra, such as syphilis, heart disease, arthritis, and adrenal fatigue.  

Perhaps more than any other black gemstone, Black Tourmaline transforms negativity into harmony.  Therefore, it is the go-to mineral to protect oneself from negative conditions, situations or people.  Negative conditions include radiation and electro-magnetic frequencies.  Wear it when working at your computer or on your device.  

Clear Quartz properties:  

Quartz crystal is the Earth's gift.  It is the most common crystal and one of the most useful.  It lessens negativity, it raises your consciousness, and increases your psychic ability.  It is an amplifier.  It should be abundantly present in sacred spaces, near supplements, and during meditation and healing. Clear quartz is pure yin: it restores the High Priestess archetype.  It is without ego and therefore brings ego and egos into balance.  It enables pure vision.  Great for issues pertaining to gastro-intestinal, circulation, lymph, nerves and pineal gland.  Helps detox in a way that fat is released.