Beads, Buttons, Cabochons & Charms

Beads, Buttons, Cabochons & Charms

With some exceptions as noted, we offer natural, untreated gemstone beads and cabochons and hand-carved boxwood Japanese netsuke and Ojime beads plus minimally-lightened salt water pearls. 

Mala Beads

Colorful beads of garnet, amethyst, mookaite, labradorite and rose quartz gemstone mala beads waiting to be strung on silk.  Also, the newly popular matte gemstone beads for bracelets and malas. 

What is a guru bead? 

The guru bead is the first bead you string when you are stringing a mala.  It is also the last bead you string all the other beads into to complete your mala.  The guru bead has three holes: one on each side and a third on the bottom.  When you start your mala necklace, you knot your string leaving a long tail and go up the guru bead and out to one of the sides.  You have to use a flexible or curved needle to do this.  You can make a flexible needle by taking a piece of wire and folding it over your silk or cotton string and then twisting it tightly down to the end.  Then you do the same when you finish.  You enter the hole on the opposite side and exit the bottom hole and use the tail of the start of the string and the end of the string to secure a tassel.  We have a really pretty guru bead that is an amethyst guru bead.

We also have faceted gemstone beads, Venetian glass beads, round natural gemstone beads and semi precious gemstone beads.   Artisan made animal ceramic beads.  If you are looking for something more primal, we have wooden, nut and yak bone beads.

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