Birthday Reading Report or Solar Return Report

Looking for astrology gifts?  How about a birthday chart report?

Unlike an astrology report online, a professional astrologer has written the interpretations specific to the individual's birth date, time and place.  Each astrology report is available as a PDF or for $20 more plus shipping, we print it, place it in a beautiful presentation folder, gift wrap it and ship it to your recipient with a gift card.  

A birthday reading report is also known as an astrological solar return chart report.  It is called solar return because solar is the sun and it is returning to the place in its orbit where it was when the person was born.

This is a report that outlines what to expect for your birthday year, i.e., from your birthday this year to your birthday next year.  It changes on where you will be on your birthday, so be sure to specify where you will be.  And be prepared for the possibility that your birthday sometimes changes the calendar date from year to year.  For instance, if your birthdate is October 5th, 1992, your birthday in subsequent years could be October 4th or October 6th!  That's when you get to have a two-day birthday.  Yay!!!  It's because we have a 365-1/4 day calendar year, which is why we have leap year every four years.