Orange Elestite

Orange Elestite

Orange Elestite asFire Quartz.

Orange Elestite meaning and properties:

Orange Elestite embodies the white coolness of intellect and inspiration and the warm fire of change, release, separation and endings.  Orange Elestite facilitates conclusions and completions so that you can move forward and create a new life. 

Orange Elestite embodies the yod, the tongue of flame, a configuration found in an astrological chart when one planet has a planet on either side 150 degrees away.  The flanking planets lend fuel to the middle planet so that it has the drive to achieve its mission. 

Orange Elestite gives you the fuel you need to easily and calmly complete tasks at hand, resolve differences, and recognize appropriate endings in a kind and peaceful way.

You can use Orange Elestite as a paper weight to pull energies together to bring about ease and resolution through the power of love. 

Orange Elestite is a great tool to place on top of mediation papers.