Mookaite Meaning:

Funny name, right?  Mookaite got its name from the Japanese locals because it was discovered at the Mooka railway station.  
Technically, Mookaite is not really a jasper, but a sillicifiied (replaced by, combined with or impregnated with silica) porcelainite (porcelain) that crstyalizes in old, weathered outcroppings such as found in the Carnarvon Basin in the North West area of Western Australia.  It doesn't form in the ways that chert, opalite, or chalcedony form.  Geologically-speaking, it is very finely grained sedimentary rock that has filled in with silica so that it becomes hard and very glass=like.  All of the many layers of the sedimentary rock are why Mookaite comes a large array of colors that look more like flavors: rich vanilla, toffee, cherry, coffee, and chocolate. 

Mookaite Properties:

Great for artists or other creative types wanting to manifest bigger success in the corporate world.  Also recommended as protection to the brain to avoid Alzheimer's. 

Mookaite also bestows the ease and resilience to easily adapt to change, which lowers stress and engenders youthfulness.   Not just for stress reduction, Mookaite also enhances brain function

Mookaite helps the grieving cope with the drastic change of loss and to embrace death as another phase of life that is not the end of the spirit.