Hawks Eye

Hawks Eye meaning: Tiger's Eye starts off as Crocidolite aka Asbestos, a blue mineral with an iron and sodium composition.  Clear Quartz crystal builds up in between the Crocidolite fibers, creating the bands that you see in Tiger's Eye, and dissolves the Crocidolite, which turns the Quartz blue.  The clear Quartz replaces the Crocidolite.  Minerals that are formed by one mineral replacing another are called Pseudomorphs.  

The bands or layers create the interplay of light which is known as chatoyancy.  Chat means cat in French because the glimmer in the Tiger's Eye is like the glimmer in a cat's eye ... or a tiger's eye.  

When the quartz was dissolving the Crocidolite, some traces of the hydrated iron oxide lingered.  The more residual iron oxide, the more golden or red the crystal became.  The less, the more green or blue it became.  Traces of hydrated oxide is more common, making Golden Tiger's Eye more prevalent and blue Tiger's Eye more rare.  
Blue Tiger's Eye is called Hawk's Eye.  When it is green, it is called Cat's Eye Quartz and if red, Ox Eye.
Hawks Eye properties: Great stone to incite ambition and embrace responsibility.  Hawks Eye is about improving existing conditions with a lot of positive attitude, vitality, boldness, courage and an inner knowing of potential.