Green Opal Stone from Madagascar

Gorgeous Green Opal Stone is pea-soup green with splotches of caramel-brown, orange, chocolate-brown or even red.

Madagascar Green Opal meaning: Super-silky smooth like soap-stone, this crystal is not actually opal.  Green Opal is actually an agate, but it does look like an opal.  

Green Opal properties: Enhances its owner's self-control to amass wisdom while insuring alignment with Spirit instead of enslavement to the mind.  

Great stone to have on hand when you need your thinking to be analytical, inventive, clever, inquisitive, quick, perceptive and discerning and aware of detail.  Excellent for professions requiring innovation, cutting edge thinking, invention and scientific discovery.  

Hold when meditating, preferably when your environment is settled and quiet without distraction.


Metaphysically, it emanates an energy that gets things advancing, moving, and unfolding.  Excellent for both business and personal life situations where progress has stopped and you want to move things forward.  Also great stone for attracting more opportunities to travel, especially by air.


This stone naturally resonates with practical, seemingly conservative, systematic individuals who are interested in the occult or simply love a good mystery.  Seems to attract very intelligent, somewhat introverted, people who quietly change the world, one step at a time.


This crystal's energy is a combination of Aries and Sagittarius: positive, orderly, determined, likes to be first, funny and articulate, intellectual, popular, practical, religious or philosophical, honest, youthful, explorative, joyfully competitive, and athletic.