Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum Stone

Yes, this is a naturally appearing pattern.  

The Chrysanthemum Stone is a dark gray to black limestone matrix with a formation of andalusite crystals that look like a light gray chrysanthemum.  It includes more than ten different kinds of trace elements, such as selenium, strontium,* gold, silver and bismuth.

Chrysanthemum Stone was discovered approximately 270 million years ago.  

Chrysanthemum Stone properties:

Handling of Chrysanthemum Stone encourages greater understanding of others and the ability to rise above self-pity.  

Chrysanthemum Stone is the archetypal crystal of Snow White who was able to rise above her own pitiful circumstances and be helpful to the seven dwarves.  Even Chrysanthemum Stone's black and white nature echoes this in Snow White's skin and hair.

Chrysanthemum Stone is an excellent stone for artists, actors and writers as it blends the intellect with the passions of the heart.  Chrysanthemum Stone is also ideal for those wishing to be more independent and a positive force in the world.