Bath Stones

Bath Stones

What could be nicer than stepping into a warm bath full of scented salts, rose petals and smooth bath crystals?  Add some twinkling tea light votive candles and soothing music and you've got the ingredients for physical renewal and soul nourishment.  We're talking about bathing with crystals as in rocks in your tub.

How to maximize your gemstone bath?

If you can feel that you need to let go of resentment, add a handful of Dead Sea clay.  Clay is also good for cellular detoxification. 

Add half a cup of Calm's magnesium powder for deep relaxation.  Add a quarter cup of Cream of Tartar to your bath to help detox lymph nodes.

If you have been exposed to radiation, add ten drops of Emerald gem elixir.  You can find it here:

Once the water has cooled slightly, drip in ten drops of one of the following organic essential oils: clary sage, frankincense, geranium, jasmine, sandalwood or ylang ylang. 

If you've been feeling restless of late, also add ten drops of one of these: angelica, basil, bergamot, cedarwood, lavender, orange, rose, rosewood or spruce.

The best crystals for your bath are those that are natural - not dyed - and tumbled smooth.  Serpentine is the best for renewal.  Be sure to get one or two Serpentine stones.  In addition, the following are excellent (in alphabetical order).  Spheres tend to roll around the tub.

Amazonite (great for nervous system)
Amethyst (balances the metabolism)
Apatite (relieves hypertension)

Aventurine (releases anxiety and fears from early childhood)
Azurite-Malachite (balancing)
Bloodstone aka Heliotrope (generates a higher state of consciousness)
Botswana Agate (oxygenating)
Calcite (balancing)
Carnelian (oxygenating)

Chalcedony (inspirational)
Chrysocolla (most effective if you add lemon essential oil or alcohol, such as Brandy, to your bath)
Citrine (stimulates healing)
Clear Quartz (releases environmental radiation)

Dumortierite aka Blue Quartz (releases the fear of aging or wasting time)
Fluorite (relieves anxiety)
Girasol aka White Rose Quartz (brings hidden talents into consciousness)
Infinite Stone (regenerative)
Jade (works best if you are also adding epsom salts or baking soda to your bath)
K2 (expands consciousness)
Lapis Lazuli (increases psychic abilities)
Moss Agate (works best if you are also adding either sea salt or clay to your bath)
Moonstone (accentuates the feminine - best to add when the Moon is new or full)
Rhodochrosite (helps detoxify kidneys)
Rose Quartz (releases anger)
Rubellite (brings passivity and aggression into balance)
Ruby Fuchsite (opens your heart chakra)
Septarian Nodule aka Dragonstone (excellent for former Lemurian's)
Serpentine (regenerating)
Smoky Quartz (safely transforms and releases radiation)
Sodalite (balancing)
Tourmaline (releases grief)

(Keep your gypsum, selenite and Himalayan salt crystals out of the bath water as they will dissolve.)