Carnelian meaning:

Carnelian was the stone Roman solders wore to give them courage going into battle, especially red carnelian.  Their Carnelian stone beliefs were that the energy of the crystal would charge them up and instill their blood with fierce aggression.  Natural Carnelian is very Aries-like in nature. 

Carnelian healing properties:

Carnelian Agate stone has a powerfully fiery, yet grounding energy that activates the first, second and third chakras. This connection makes it an excellent self-esteem builder, ideal if you need help voicing your opinions or asking for what you really want. This is the stone of empowerment and courage.  In ancient times, warriors wore it for courage to go into battle. 

On an emotional and mental level, Carnelian agate aids decision-making, getting grounded, dispelling doubts and taking action.  Carnelian also resonates beautifully with the physical body, bringing fresh, vital energy that illuminates physical life. Carnelian calls in high-frequency energy for your meditation or when you actively create. Carnelian is also very useful for inspiring the next best action to take because of it’s empowering and motivating nature.  Artists love how Carnelian promotes creativity, inspiration and self-affirmation.

When you first wake-up, before you get out of bed, reach for your Carnelian stone and place it on your navel unless it is a large Carnelian stone, in which case, just rest your hands on it.  Focus on what you want to manifest for that day. 

Carnelian is especially beneficial to women because of it’s hormone-balancing properties and connection with life-giving blood.