A to Z of Crystals

A to Z of Crystals

If you don't see what you are looking for, it may be a subcategory under Agates, Jaspers, Quartz or Precious Stones.  For instance, Citrine is a type of quartz.

The word crystals has been widely adopted as a New Age term for gemstones that are not perfect enough or clear enough to be used in jewelry, but which are beautiful as specimens and potent tools in the hands of healers or as the stone that sits in a bowl of pure water that will be bottled as a gem elixir.  

Gemstones show up in the records of most of our ancient cultures.  This is especially prevalent in the ancient records of Egypt and India.

When the Earth stabilized, crystalline structures formed.  It could be easily said that they grew and this is why crystal healers consider crystals as a type of living entity that possesses its own consciousness and character traits.  In this context, a living entity is the result of an action of pure consciousness that continues to abide and emanate pure consciousness.  Crystal healers consider crystals the materialization of spirit.

Crystals are inherently aligned with the earth and its electro-magnetic fields.  They were present at the beginning and help to realign humankind with the earth's natural forces as a means of recovery from the man-made electro-magnetic fields.

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