Boji Stones

Boji Stones meaning: Boji stones are harvested as soil erodes exposing them as stones.  They are found on stems.  Boji Stones are considered living and found under a naturally-pyramid shaped mountain in Kansas.  Read about them on the Internet.

Boji Stones healing properties: Use them in place of acupuncture needles.  

Keep a pair in the freezer for the immediate application upon a burn.  These come with a certificate of authenticity.  The male stone has a rough crystalline surface and the female stone is smooth.  

How to use Boji Stones:

Hold Boji Stones as you would a pair of magnets.  If you do not feel a pulling sensation, turn one of the stones around.  Each pair comes with a pamphlet of information about how to use them as channeled and written by Karen and Jerry Gillespie.


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