Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite

Calcite is actually clear or white.  Any color is actually from whatever impurities were present at the time that the crystal calcified 

Calcite meaning: The name Calcite comes from a 19th century German word, Calcit.  That word, Calcit, comes from a Latin word, calx, which comes from the Latin root word, calcis.  Calcis translates as lime; the stone, not the fruit.  Lime is calcium-oxide.  It's the chalk form of Calcite.  John P. Calcite discovered Calcite in 1852

Calcite metaphysical properties: Energetically, it helps kidneys to flush toxins.

Calcite tends to be opaque to translucent, but sometimes transparent.  It has a waxy luster. 

Here's a fun fact: Aragonite changes into calcite at 380–470°C.

Great to hold during meditation as it strengthens your link to the astral plane so that you can receive all the good things waiting to come to you. 

Helps release resistance overall, but is especially supportive for your kidneys and greatly aids any detoxification efforts.  You can place it in your bath or your foot bath. 

If you have Mars or Saturn in Libra, you need this crystal.