Bloodstone is a stone is green jasper with inclusions of red hematite.  It is found all over the world, including the U.S., Brazil, Australia, India and china.  

Bloodstone meaning:

Bloodstone has a scientific name, which is heliotrope, with roots in ancient Greek, meaning sun or helio and turn for trope.  Pliny... who was a writer, naturalist, philosopher and author from Ancient Rome. He was said to have used a mirror made from this stone to view eclipses.

Bloodstone properties:

Bloodstone transforms fear into confidence.  Bloodstone transforms the kind of fear that shows up as small-mindedness around money, miserliness or greed.  Bloodstone neutralizes that energy and transforms it and you into a confident, savvy money-magnet.  Instead of trying to cope with limited resources, Bloodstone opens you up to the unlimited potential of your higher self, facilitating ideas into your everyday consciousness that attract and generate income in ways that you never considered.  

In Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Volume 1, it says to put bloodstone inside a pyramid structure when Mars is on the horizon.

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